• Wasn’t expecting that…
  • The Japanese went a little too far
  • Best friends plot their escape…
  • Falcon Punch
  • It’s fascinating…
  • Nearly Invisible Skyscraper
  • Are ghosts real?
  • Bad Harry
  • The cast of Married With Children today
  • Oh watch out, we got a badass over here
  • Popemian Rhapsody
  • Come at me, Sun!
  1. Diego

    2:28 pm

    I get amazed each day with this things, I’ve found hundreds of things I tought only I did.

  2. OneManicNinja

    4:01 am

    I’m aware of two things going on here:

    One, based on religion, is that you’re making the sign of the cross and blessing it. This, of course, is bulls**t.

    Two, if you are doing it hard enough, the pain you are inflicting on yourself “crosses wires” for your nerves, and your brain thinks the bite isn’t as itchy. SCIENCE FTMTW!

  3. billy bob thornbird

    8:31 pm

    OK a compromise then, sacred geometry ftw…
    I’ve done that too.