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11 June, 2010 in Images, Internet | 20 Comments

  1. Max5684

    12:52 am

    Just something to note about this particular flash animation. Even if you find the white button (which is only in 1 frame out of the 170 in this animation), the button leads to an AOL Hometown page. AOL Hometown was shut down in 2008. This, I think, is the most annoying thing about this animation.

  2. Merebear

    6:54 pm


  3. mauneko83

    4:53 am

    I can’t find it!!!

  4. joanbeat

    10:08 pm

    I see no animation.

  5. gaurav

    3:47 pm


  6. ben

    4:06 pm

    my god this is old

  7. Troll

    3:10 pm

    Right click and press play.

  8. Ryan

    8:45 pm

    I looked at every single picture on this f***ing website, what to do now…

  9. Bob

    8:30 pm

    @Ryan, the answer to that question is equally the answer to life, the universe, and time itself.

  10. Alexander

    11:58 pm


  11. jason

    7:07 pm

    This is the first thing on the website.

  12. Superbunny Fan

    7:00 pm

    Where is it?

  13. xsojix

    7:23 pm

    I finished this animation 3 times, I have no life.

  14. War

    8:57 am

    Once you get to the frame with upside down text that says “Well then I’ll show you” the next two frames are without text. It is the second one with no text. You will find the white button up in the top left corner of that frame. it is very small. And pointless.

  15. Hanhanmo

    12:28 am

    I can’t believe I finished the website. Now what? Oh well, time to go do my homework…

  16. Kelsie

    6:47 pm

    This was really dumb. Lol, but I couldn’t stop clicking on the button.

  17. Gotta read 'em all!

    5:06 pm

    Currently on page 1353
    I think everyone here has done a fair job.

  18. Brandon

    4:20 pm

    This was awesome haha.

  19. SCruzer

    5:17 am

    It took me about 2 weeks to look through 1818 pages! Lol

  20. Jose

    4:53 pm

    This is the best site of funny pictures.