• Seriously, are you sure?
  • Look at my horse, my horse is amazing…
  • Finally someone escapes the friendzone…
  • When someone sings your favorite song…
  • Proper grammar, dude
  • Rebecca Black is our only chance
  • A big deal
  • I, for one, welcome our new avian overlords
  • Checking the time on your cell phone
  • Old email address
  • Are you numerate or literate?
  • Sculpture made out of toothpicks

27 October, 2011 in Internet | 3 Comments


  1. bob

    5:53 pm

    Oh internet..

  2. jessica

    11:34 pm

    While the prof might technically be right, no need to be rude like that.

  3. Trolin is a Arts

    10:48 pm

    While you may be right that he doesn’t have to be rude… I’d do the same, if i had a bad day. Try being a teacher for a day, I did once. never again! Kids are pure evil. Whether they’re 12 or 21 doesn’t matter.