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1 May, 2012 in Funny | 7 Comments


  1. Savi

    10:32 pm

    Most true.

  2. prawns

    8:24 am

    What a childish logic!

    Piracy is stealing because intelectual propperty is NOT a carrier (DVD, mp3, etc.) but all that time and effort spent to produce something. Author takes a loan to cover costs of producing an art, then customers – by buying – pay all these costs plus extra monies which are author’s profit. If you don’t pay but still have it, the author has a loss. If you further distribute it, author has even more loss because he cannot sell it not only to 1 person (you) but many others. Means greater loss.

    If a pharmaceutical company researches new drug, and you steal the research results, you steal their time and monies that they spent doing all the research. This is signifficant especially if you start producing a drug and get all the income that is not yours. It doesn’t matter that you haven’t physically stolen any tablets. In this case intelectual propperty is way, way more expensive.

    Cutting long story short: piracy IS stealing.

    Separate question is: “is piracy wrong?”
    Well, if we acknowledge that approx. 85% of the price of a CD/DVD is records company PROFIT (that’s right, pure profit, not income), it will be easier to understand why it is the companies, not artists, who complain most about piracy. Well, I don’t like greed nor I have money so… I download stuff.

    Yes, it IS a piracy, yes it IS a crime, yes it IS morally wrong, but for all the reasons above, I don’t give a f***
    However, the point remains valid: piracy IS stealing, whether your mind is or isn’t capable to understand this simple fact.

    • Kent Fredric

      12:24 pm

      @prawns : I don’t think its fair to equate piracy directly to theft though. Sure, the effect is similar, but the method of action makes the resource deprivation much more indirect, and for this reason, piracy is conceptually similar to theft, but it needs to be kept separate, lest people equate blocking a road with theft, installing a detour as theft, etc, because of the side effect of that action forces people to spend resources unnecessarily and depriving them of utility.

      Both blocking a road and downloading a file theoretically deprive somebody of money, in the case of the file, depriving somebody of potential earnings, and in the case of the road, depriving people of petrol/transport/etc which will at the end of the day cost them money. But in both cases, you’re not directly running up to the “victim” and taking something off them, their suffering is an indirect result.

      Going up and siphoning the petrol tank, yes, *that* is theft, but blocking the road is not.

  3. lady_lace

    1:56 pm

    ^ And I bet you still pirate.

  4. prawns

    8:39 am

    Read my post again.

  5. g_mccay

    3:20 am

    Lady lace makes a good point. :P this is mostly a joke, like everything else here. It’s there to get a laugh, and that’s all it is. Just calm down and enjoy the joke that’s being made, just like all the others here that if you took them seriously then you’d have to sue the entire website for jokes against every single border-line “pc” comments.

    And in all fairness, you admitted yourself you download, so either get the f*** off your high horse, or don’t download illegally!

  6. Chris

    8:32 pm

    Piracy is when you’re trying to SELL your car and someone makes a copy instead.