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13 May, 2012 in Funny | 4 Comments


  1. Nanabobo

    1:51 pm

    Dear kids, Jasmine was a Princess, Snow White was being followed by the most powerful person in the kingdom with no one but those dwarves to protect her, Pinnochio started turning into a jackass for not listening to his father, Robin Hood owned little to nothing of his own but friends, Tarzan was raised by apes, Sleeping Beauty was betrayed by her stepmother, and Cinderella was abused at home. You want to be a rebel, go listen to the people who love you instead of trying to be cartoons.

    • Prometheus

      7:37 am

      I still wish there was a like button on here. But this will suffice.

  2. Chill Out

    10:59 pm

    Nanabobo, it’s just a funny quote, chill out.

  3. omega

    3:21 am

    He does raise a point, Chill out, and give him the credit for the essai at least XD