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11 November, 2012 in People, Pictures | 10 Comments


  1. Ollie

    1:51 am


  2. Nadiworld

    3:12 am

    This bill is Profit driven, not about morality but about wealth, power and control. The fat Cats are in denial and think this bell (the Internet) can be unrung. Hollywood moguls are bank-rolling the lobbyists in Washington. They are prepared to handicap the innocent with a lame and thoughtless bill that achieves their greedy objectives.

  3. JESSE

    3:48 am

    So Dave Grohl thinks it’s Ok, it’s a “broader scope” on the WWW? Is exactly why it is not Ok. You got yours so you don’t care? How you got yours is a wonder. Oh, no it’s not.
    There is nothing wrong with requiring web site owners to enforce when they are making money from the industry. It is nothing different than requiring ID from someone purchasing alcohol, or carding somebody buying a pack of cigarettes.
    SOPA does nothing to restrict anybody’s freedom of speech. Read the bill and stop spreading bulls***.

  4. Cory Mae

    5:14 am

    Well said. I love Dave Grohl.

  5. paula

    5:55 pm

    everybody has the right to earn money and profit. BUT…when the profit exceeds the point of reason you will have piracy. you will not control it nor can you stop it. Has anyone had any success in controlling the ELECTRIC COMPANIES that profit by the billions! alternative..wind turbines. Did people seriously not realize what the creation of the internet would bring??? there will always be piracy in one form or another whether you like it or not. SOPA sounds to me like they just want things to work the way they believe it should be. Is there anyone out there that can control SOPA??

  6. Freethemusic

    8:59 pm

    Digital songs or streamed songs should not cost money, buying a cd should.

  7. Ben

    3:40 pm

    Jesse the fact that you actually support SOPA is f***ing mind blowing.

  8. Aino

    8:44 pm

    First of all Jesse, this SOPA s*** negatively affects the smaller unknown artists much more than well established ones like Dave Grohl. The ability for your music to be shared internationally is what helps young artists get recognized.
    Let’s face it, the record industry is dead and bands don’t make money that way they make money from touring. Even when the record industry was alive and well, the artists making it all happen were getting ripped of by the labels that supports them. This act will kill the ability of young artists to get out there, and will hand the power over to the government and record labels. That’s only touching on the music side of things of course.

    Overall the act kills freedom of speech on the internet, and allows the government and copyright holders to invade privacy and shoot first and ask questions later. If this act goes through, you wouldn’t be able to go on this site and have the fun you are having now. The US wants to control the internet rather then waking up to smell the coffee and go along with the evolution of the industry. The game has changed so change with it.

  9. Drake

    2:02 pm

    the way bands/artists make money is through touring, their profit is marginal at best on record sales, so why would they give a fuck? file sharing spreads publicity for them and as long as their music is playing and people are going to their shows, their happy, while the record companies and multimillion dollar moguls are having bitch fits about not getting every single penny for every time a song is played, sure, the band get’s theirs, but before file sharing became a hugely controversial issue, record companies were still bending over their musicians and f***ing them, and trying to make it illegal to record mix tapes

  10. bingo

    4:57 pm

    eh, record artists never made any money from records, 90% of all profits go to the record company and resellers.

    in the hayday of the record companies, artists were expected to make their money off touring.

    records were mainly only to promote the band (from the artists perspective, well so said the record companies)

    it was only very famous artists that could get better deals, often though only if they started their own record label.

    so from a artists point of view, music sharing is a good thing for any musician that can hold a live performance.

    and its only the fat cats that are “bleeding” on this and is why many musicians support filesharing. they arent losing any money, not really lol