• So that’s why the chicken crossed the road…
  • Someone needs to invent it…
  • We’re all the same…Wait
  • Types of quiet people
  • Friends are like…
  • Proud Dad
  • Overly Obsessive Girlfriend
  • That’s life
  • Epic Facebook profile
  • Do the dishes Flash!
  • Dramatic Sloth
  • Easy way to freak people out on the highway
  1. matt

    6:23 pm

    CUT MY FROG INTO PIECES, THIS IS MY LAB REPORT observations, then skinning oh poor frog, this is just the beginning. cut my frog into pieces, he’s reached his last comfort dissection, no bleeding, cutting off his arm, my grades not succeeding. I don’t even care if I end up repeating. “You did this wrong” “This is right!” I’ll butcher this frog tonight, And cut you up too, wanna fight? Mutilation outta sight, This frog is going to get freeze-dried.