• Everytime I watch Up…
  • If a marathon were easy…
  • Clever mom is doing it right…
  • Mister Po…
  • Realists…
  • Cracker?
  • Everyone sing along!
  • Yeah!
  • These things can officially be considered black magic
  • Puppy domino
  • What the… I’m outta here!
  • Hop, hop, hop
  1. asd

    9:01 pm


  2. Martine

    6:06 pm

    I don’t understand this..?

  3. I♥Hp

    6:39 pm

    Because dogs are supposed to be mans best friend, but we live way longer than they do , so we get to deal with the pain of loosing them.

  4. Anonymous

    2:38 am