• French are not so good at translating movie titles…
  • I like helping people…
  • How it actually went down…
  • Using Photoshop…
  • I keep telling my best friend…
  • Genius, or crossing the line?
  • Definitely worth it
  • Not the year I was expecting
  • Told a chemistry joke in class today…
  • 8-bit make-up
  • Hi bear. Sup Putin.
  • This is what Elvira looks like without makeup

16 April, 2012 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. Mayor Alcalde

    6:08 pm

    Anyone notice there’s Harry himself in the picture?

  2. Taney

    3:21 am

    Clearly it’s a cosplayer.

  3. Bella

    11:24 pm

    Twilight is so much better…