• Our current economy…
  • Please don’t leave me
  • Hadouken!
  • When my girlfriend wants to watch her shows…
  • Bat mobile
  • What the… I’m outta here!
  • Moonshot
  • Every time I look at my newsfeed…
  • I failed my exam…
  • Dinosaur fence
  • I’m just in it for the parking
  • Yay! throw me, throw me! AAHHHH!

28 May, 2011 in Life | 3 Comments


  1. John

    2:05 am

    Written on an iphone…

  2. Ann

    4:04 pm

    ^John, that was EXACTLY what I thought the first time i saw this. I scrolled down and you aleready wrote it hahaha :D

  3. Kate

    3:46 am

    @John and Ann, same here!