• In the end, it is better…
  • The Walking Ted
  • You’re hired…
  • Psycho dad…
  • You want to know how I got these carbs?
  • Baby monkey who was rejected by his mother, is comforted by toys.
  • Terrorists have gone too far this time…
  • Jealous cat
  • Stuck on an island?
  • Checking your pen for ink…
  • Subway uses midgets to make their sandwiches look bigger?
  • I have a math test
  1. Surgoshan

    3:07 am

    I almost hate to point this out… I don’t see a Che t-shirt. Or a “make love not war” sign. Just some chick with dreadlocks and a knit hat.

    To put it another way. F**k whoever captioned this. Right in the ear.