• Cat wearing grapefruit helmets…
  • My condolences…
  • Santa Bread? Nailed it…
  • Minion music
  • Wait, it’s not what it looks like!
  • Johnny Depp is on the market again…
  • Frozen Han Solo Office Desk
  • A cat taking care of a day-old baby pig
  • When I listen to music while driving…
  • Baby smile
  • A cat in a lettuce hat
  • Catching a ball like a boss
  1. Surgoshan

    3:07 am

    I almost hate to point this out… I don’t see a Che t-shirt. Or a “make love not war” sign. Just some chick with dreadlocks and a knit hat.

    To put it another way. F**k whoever captioned this. Right in the ear.