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26 January, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 7 Comments


  1. Your Mum

    11:46 pm

    Death by potato.

  2. Insipid 1

    12:19 am

    Don’t ‘I’ feel dumb

  3. Dana

    12:22 am


  4. Sean

    1:27 am

    Glados will kill us all.

  5. Dare

    1:29 pm

    This is stupid… “remove the edges…” How does 71 and 17, (if looked at them that way) cancel each other out? And an effin potato? I see it clearly as the #1 (accused) reason for obesity in the U.S. A HAMBURGER! Tards are amused by dumb things.

    • your mum

      11:15 am

      (Its a reference joke to anyone whose played Portal 2)

  6. Grommit

    8:13 am

    Wow ! ahaha