• What else is popcorn good for?
  • Hold on a second…
  • The meaning of TGIF…
  • You don’t need steroids to walk on the moon…
  • Morning Person
  • Aliens learn how to speak human
  • Success Dealer
  • A divorce lawyer’s business card
  • Sobear
  • Fortunately, I’m never hungry in the morning
  • No time to explain!
  1. lars

    6:26 am

    ……not at all, really

  2. Cattie

    9:13 am

    For some of them, it is crazy how much of a resemblance there is., lol. Others, not so much……..some its just being plain mean. Also, some of the so called “celebrities” Grasping at straws much??

  3. Herp

    9:45 pm

    HA! Christian Bale and Jesus. That’s a pun.