• Didn’t mean to interrupt…
  • Trying to be romantinc…
  • MTV nowadays…
  • What bananas do at night…
  • Nicolas Captcha
  • Justin Bieber Problems
  • It’s not always easy
  • What did you just call me?
  • Nothing much, babe…
  • Chill guys, it’s cool
  • The perfect spot
  • He’s coming right at us
  1. lars

    6:26 am

    ……not at all, really

  2. Cattie

    9:13 am

    For some of them, it is crazy how much of a resemblance there is., lol. Others, not so much……..some its just being plain mean. Also, some of the so called “celebrities” Grasping at straws much??

  3. Herp

    9:45 pm

    HA! Christian Bale and Jesus. That’s a pun.