• Maybe I’ll make two sandwiches…
  • Cool story, bro…
  • Your bad day…
  • At school…
  • I need it now…
  • Loading… 75% Complete
  • Hello…? Mom? Is there someone in there? I’m hungry!
  • Humans are weird
  • How it usually works
  • Reasons why I update software
  • Ninjas could not be found
  • Grammar is important
  1. lars

    6:26 am

    ……not at all, really

  2. Cattie

    9:13 am

    For some of them, it is crazy how much of a resemblance there is., lol. Others, not so much……..some its just being plain mean. Also, some of the so called “celebrities” Grasping at straws much??

  3. Herp

    9:45 pm

    HA! Christian Bale and Jesus. That’s a pun.