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  1. imnotmuslim

    5:59 pm

    Yes… because all Muslims have beards and wear turbans.

  2. Pelo

    7:00 am

    Hey, you’re right, for a moment I thought it was a normal pirate bandana there :S!!! And a BEARD?! That can’t be normal… You shall fear, Americans, FEEAR! THE HORROR! And then sue Johnny Depp, he’s clearly a terrorist, you know? :(

  3. Lol Cat

    7:28 pm

    OK, Pirates of Caribbeans sucks then. :P

  4. occoman

    4:36 am

    I honestly think that once a man has taken to piracy, it would not matter what his religion is.

  5. Dude

    4:52 am

    There are some jokes that will never be funny. You’re perpetuating antisemitism of the 21st century.