• What’s on your mind?
  • Plotting a crime and light on ideas?
  • Yes Mr. President…
  • Menacing tortoise
  • Trailer Jokes
  • Tummy rub
  • Do you like magic?
  • How to troll your girlfriend
  • Where do pirates shop?
  • I’ll just play some chips
  • I present you… the Pokébra
  • Grandpa really loved kayaking
  1. Marian

    11:07 am

    Pit bulls are so cute… thanks to your source link I was able to find a site entirely dedicated to those dogs. I love them.

  2. Terry

    11:16 am

    Pit Bulls have the worst reputation but they’re actually very cool dogs.

  3. Intelligent

    4:06 am

    We’ve always blamed Pit Bulls because they DO f***ing kill people.