• We’ve found Roshi…
  • Let me fix it for you…
  • How hot your motherboard and processor is…
  • Nickelback walks into a bar…
  • Cat, get down from there, you are not a towel
  • Scientific breakthrough
  • Doesn’t matter, it still counts…
  • My view of Winnie the Pooh will never be the same
  • They see me rolling…
  • Fortune Cookie is eliminating the competition
  • …and thus a legend was born
  • Looking to buy a dog? Think about adopting one
  1. boyzindahood

    9:37 pm

    Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Snoop Dogg, Charlie Chaplin, Einstein, ???, Spock, Jack Sparrow, ???, Yoda.

  2. rdk

    8:24 am

    Your first ? Is mr. T.

  3. Chris

    9:31 am

    The 1st ??? Must me Mr. T.

  4. bass

    11:28 am

    Your ‘???”s are MR T and Borat I believe.