• Hold a piece of cake in the air and take an awesome photograph…
  • So this kid gave Adam Sandler a t-shirt…
  • Day 34, the others have finally accepted me…
  • JK Rowling…
  • Aww how cute
  • Hey, take a picture of me and the fislfulfugufugflug
  • Arnold and Stallone get shoulder surgeries together
  • Every time I look at my newsfeed…
  • Meanwhile, at the hospital…
  • The time you enjoy wasting
  • Cute Tinkerbell cosplay
  • So they were giving out free Dr. Peppers…
  1. boyzindahood

    9:37 pm

    Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Snoop Dogg, Charlie Chaplin, Einstein, ???, Spock, Jack Sparrow, ???, Yoda.

  2. rdk

    8:24 am

    Your first ? Is mr. T.

  3. Chris

    9:31 am

    The 1st ??? Must me Mr. T.

  4. bass

    11:28 am

    Your ‘???”s are MR T and Borat I believe.