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  1. Unknown

    12:09 am

    God is an imaginary friend for grown ups!!^

  2. MJP

    4:19 pm

    Yes^ exactly what it says!!

  3. Suzie

    4:19 pm

    Awesome! (And I never say awesome.)

  4. Susan

    4:28 pm

    I see what it says and I don’t agree with it….MY GOD is real and I feel sorry for anyone that does not know this.

    • Captain Knows Stuff

      8:29 pm

      I’m sorry, guys, Susan is my imaginary friend and she somehow keeps managing to get out of her box.

    • Brian

      11:13 pm

      Keep your pity and your delusions. We don’t need them.

  5. Jimmy Ward

    4:34 pm

    God is an imaginary friend for grown ups!!^

  6. Alexis

    4:35 pm

    Oh yes! This is my favorite saying of all time.

  7. bec

    4:36 pm

    And jesus is the adult Santa.

  8. Micah

    5:05 pm

    Exactly. Plus that tattoo is pretty awesome.

  9. orangytangy

    5:06 pm

    God is an Imaginary Friend for grown ups.

  10. Nova

    7:01 pm


  11. Drake

    8:56 pm

    a tattoo worth getting

  12. boomzy

    10:45 pm

    Lol How funny it must be when believers compliment her on the tattoo and then figure out what it says….. or even if they don’t figure it out.

  13. jennor22

    11:22 pm

    Awesome is okay…. but, WHY? is more appropriate, I think.

  14. Michelle

    12:40 am

    Bad news guys. Cool tattoo or favorite saying aside, Jesus is alive and My God rules supreme.

  15. wody

    3:01 am

    I can read what it says, I disagree. But I like how well its hidden, but it kinda looks stupid in just a diamond…..just my opinion though.

  16. Rick

    2:48 pm

    i agree with susan. God is real. He is a friend for all ages

  17. ???

    5:20 pm

    Why would you get this permanently tattooed on your body if you believe this?

  18. Paul

    4:08 pm


  19. D. Baker

    4:48 pm

    “Only Children, can see REALITY, as IT REALLY IS !!”
    A more Accepted Quote than ANY Religion !!

    GREAT TATTOO Design, though !!

  20. Pete

    2:27 pm

    To each their own but really??? you feel so compelled to mock those who believe in God that you got it tattooed to your back? and it’s not even conspicious. If you feel so strongly about defaming someone’s beliefs, then why not do something blatant about it?

  21. iglatinpay

    5:06 pm

    philosophical straw man in the form of where’s waldo. also slightly off center to the right. what’s so great about pithy reductions of spiritual conceptualization? god-believer or not, a squiggly tattoo containing a veiled insult is not an invitation to productive discussion.

  22. D. Baker

    4:44 pm

    Any Person or Group,
    MAY be “Better Off” than a LOT of People from a Different Group!!

    Even IF Believe Writing,
    Does NOT Contradict Rule “IS TRUE for a CHILD !”