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  • No, sweetheart
  1. Silver

    5:26 am

    Oh mah God. It’s so cute.

  2. jochiboy

    1:08 pm

    It’s so cute… and cuddly!!

  3. old greg

    12:04 am

    NO! get off my bed!

  4. Project

    7:28 am

    lol @old greg

  5. Schneider

    10:52 pm

    awwww…!!! no.. GTFO ¬¬

  6. Chad

    8:38 pm

    Of course you can stay little buddy! But the moment you scratch my feet at night I’m taking you to china town!

  7. Suzie

    6:58 am

    What a sweetie pie. You would have to have a heart of stone to say no.