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3 June, 2012 in Funny | 7 Comments


  1. Not a teacher

    8:09 am

    Your friends with your parents??? YOUR friends with your parents.

    Dumb teacher. No wonder he fails at math.

  2. chellmart

    3:09 pm

    I really hope that “Busted in class” wasn’t written by a teacher. “…I see YOUR friends with your parents.” But, then again, it was math class, not English.

  3. Jack

    5:15 pm

    “Also, I see your friends with your parents.” should be “Also, I see you’re friends with your parents.”

  4. DrTwist

    8:58 pm

    “I see your friends with your parents” Ahhh, so the parents are with their son’s friends? Shouldn’t it be “you’re parents”? American teachers, hahahah.

  5. Erica

    5:10 pm

    Why do we feel the need to correct grammar? Does it make people feel smarter to know someone made a mistake and show the world? I don’t think this is true based upon the teacher telling everyone on Facebook that the boy has been failing tests. The reply seems too snotty. One would think the teacher would land in hot water.

  6. Lisa

    6:40 am

    Yes, we feel the need to correct such mistakes, and rather than it making us feel smarter, it actually embarrasses us and makes us feel ashamed that this is what the profession of teaching is turning out on our students. This is a bloody TEACHER, who supposedly attained a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and somehow qualified to obtain a teaching credential, yet can’t freaking use the same grammatical rules that 5th graders are required to demonstrate. So sad.

  7. Tim

    12:02 pm

    I have a BA in English Lit. The last math course I took was in my first year. Said math skills have blunted to being sub-par at best. I bet she could explain quantum mechanics!