• You have had one of these…
  • Evil Plotting Bear…
  • Calories can not make you happy
  • What more could you need in life?
  • I’m very outdoorsy…
  • Smoking on water…
  • The definition of broke
  • Careful, kids playing. Also, bears.
  • Don’t ask for things you don’t want
  • Couple of girls getting their picture taken
  • Uhhh, right there…
  • Moooom, you’re messing up my mane

10 March, 2011 in Comedy | 3 Comments


  1. naomirosetorre

    1:47 am

    Please don’t tell me that last picture is real.

  2. anon

    12:38 am

    Rodney dangerfield…..

  3. Big Matt

    11:38 am

    Freakin’ kids! No respect!