• That actually makes sense…
  • This is a Quokka, the happiest thing on the planet…
  • Directed by M. Night Shyamalan…
  • Teletubbie Confrontation
  • Talk into my good ear
  • I ain’t afraid to show it…
  • Beer brewing Bender
  • Sooo close…
  • I swear to God…
  • The Republican Plan
  • Shockingly perfect ad placement
  • He must be a very good eBay seller

24 September, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. Taney

    3:51 pm

    I don’t think it would produce enough oxygen to keep up with the rate we consume it… also, the pressure would most likely collapse the bag and suffocate you, plant or not.

  2. Jesse

    11:49 pm

    More of a troll just to get you to suffocate yourself with a plastic bag.

  3. omega

    7:42 pm

    Way to go to make a joke serious guys. Come on.