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10 May, 2011 in Art | 26 Comments


  1. misanthropope

    12:35 am

    Don’t conflate “being an artist” with “earning a living as an artist”. It’s badly wrong to buy into the implicit argument that how you describe yourself on your tax form is the fundamental part of your identity.

    _anything_ that you do for its own sake is art.

  2. ProbablySmarterThanYou

    8:28 pm

    Have fun being an artist and making a living off of it! I’ll be collecting my massive engineering paychecks and making fun of Liberal Arts majors for wasting their time and money.

    • Kyle Jinks

      4:41 pm

      I feel sorry for you, that you can’t appreciate the art in Engineering as well as in other things. Your job is important, but without Art humanity has no soul. What’s the point in building great things without the vision to imagine more? Artist are as important, if not more so, than any other profession.

    • Sarah

      5:35 pm


  3. ThisProbablyWontBeRead

    5:32 pm

    @”ProbablySmarterThanYou”, you are the textbook definition of a closed-minded individual who cares about nothing in life but money. I’m going for an engineering degree as well, but I at least have a respect for those who choose to TRY to make a living off of anything art related. You are the reason why a lot of people view mathematicians and engineers as cold, boring people. Live life for reasons other than making money, please.

  4. Meetmeatthecenteroftheearth

    11:33 pm

    @”ProbablySmarterThanYou” Get to Radio Shack quick! There is a sale on pocket protectors!

  5. RandomPerson

    1:40 am

    @Meetmeatthecenteroftheearth Oh god I lol’d. But seriously fantastic comic to whoever made it.

  6. ThatGuyWho'sADickOnTheInternet

    12:59 am

    first of all, anthropomorphic personification is redundant.

    secondly, if it’s anthropomorphic, why is it a squirrel?

  7. Nekowhatsit

    10:03 pm

    This is… really touching and uplifting. I could connect with the girl in the strip, I’ve been through all that… I’m still going through it. Thanks to the artist for making my day, my week..

  8. Very Good

    1:55 pm

    I liked this a lot :) Beautiful

  9. TrueArtistAtHeart

    6:57 am

    @ProbablySmarterThanYou… it’s people like you that kill the arts and then wonder why there’s no good entertainment in the world for you anymore. I am quite happy living my life as a musical theater performer, and to me I don’t need money to make me happy with my career choice so I feel sorry for you that you do. Oh and by the way I graduated from both high school and college with honors so you can get off your high horse about being smarter than other people.

  10. Man

    12:53 am

    very good!

  11. Noka

    3:55 am

    It’s anthropomorphic because it’s talking to her, which is a human characteristic. I love this. It’s very inspiring :]

  12. Bitter Lad

    4:11 am

    I almost threw up but it went back down my throat.

  13. Daniel

    10:12 pm

    What a sweet irony that the artist’s name is nowhere to be found. Who is it?

    • -insert random name here-

      3:14 am

      I think it Might be IdaEva Neverdah (theres some small print within’ the box where the girl learns to step outside the box)

      This work is lovely tho :)

  14. aRandomNerd

    9:30 am

    To “ThatGuyWho’sADickOnTheInternet”

    1. ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human, especially to a deity.

  15. nobody :)

    5:57 pm

    very cool :D

  16. Sarah

    5:37 pm

    This made me choke up. I’m laminating it and putting it on my wall. I’m a private voice teacher and it goes for any type of art. And I love squirrels. :)

  17. Derrafel

    7:09 am

    Well anthropomorphic means it has human attributes like talking, so it fits. and I love the comic so high five to the maker.

  18. Michelle

    4:40 am

    The artist’s name is JellyVampire. You should all check out her gallery :) at http://jellyvampire.deviantart.com/

  19. Bulblubulbous

    5:02 pm

    It looks like the fox squirrel thing and the girl are gonna hump at one point.

  20. Shannon

    4:56 am

    It would be nice if the image linked to the actual artist, who is here:


    Please credit the artist. Thank you. :)

  21. afternoonview

    1:23 am

    Everything you think of is some kind of art! I want to major in engineering but I also like making music… both are diffrent kinds of art! think of making a building and the only thing stopping you is physics itself! this was a pretty uplifting story for me.

  22. milly

    9:55 am


  23. Me!

    8:29 am

    Anthropomorphic?? this is just zoomorphic…but this artist just don’t know the difference.