• Whenever the weekend starts…
  • The cutest old couple…
  • Meanwhile in class…
  • We all did it…
  • What’s ‘sleep’?
  • YOLO and SWAG…
  • It flies!
  • Paintings come to life
  • It clearly isn’t…
  • Vincent Van Gogh’s words of wisdom
  • Dream Bathroom
  • A Panda Being a Dick

29 May, 2012 in Music | 3 Comments


  1. jonas

    12:57 pm

    Absolutely epic.

  2. William

    8:51 am

    Football, not soccer; as you know…in the rest of the freaking world.

  3. Clair

    7:28 pm

    “Football” is a common name for any sport that involves kicking a ball to score a goal. The correct term is “Associated Football” which you are referring to, not to be confused with American, Gaelic, Rugby, Canadian, etc.

    Also, go learn how to properly use a semicolon.