• Let me move that for you
  • Useless protection
  • English doesn’t borrow…
  • Yo dawg, I heard you like trucks…
  • What hath angered the Canoe?
  • Greatest feelings in the world
  • I’ll be who I want to be!
  • Superman in college
  • Cutest couple
  • It’s not the same anymore
  • One does not simply walk into a car
  • One Day, Simba, All Of This Will Be Yours

21 October, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. pognet

    1:56 am

    Wouldn’t a stereotypical blonde joke blonde only know “IDK” and not that it means “I Don’t Know?”

  2. kokish

    1:47 pm

    Haha you are right.