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18 April, 2012 in Funny | 32 Comments


  1. DoI Haveto

    2:32 am

    Sign’s right, though I wouldn’t say there are too many straight people married today. There ARE too many gay babies, but remember, GOD didn’t make gay people. People make gay people.

    • SoFickle

      3:03 am

      You’re ignorant, God doesn’t exist, funny sign, end of story.

      • DERP

        7:24 am

        You’re ignorant. Shoving your beliefs down another persons throat, funny sign, end of story.

      • John

        4:13 am

        I Believe in God. What if you’re wrong? Think about it!

        • Pascal's Wager

          5:34 am

          What if you’re wrong, and all this bigotry is meaningless? Think about it!

        • Moi

          2:37 am

          I believe there isn’t a God. What if you’re wrong? Think about it!

        • Hohoe

          5:40 pm

          He’s not wrong, trust me. ;)

  2. WhatEv

    4:40 am

    Oh please…..too many gay babies. Get over yourself.

  3. debz

    7:06 pm

    Funny sign. I’m a little mad at you Dol Halverto though because I put it on my Facebook, and had to remove it because of your comment.

  4. Dan

    12:44 am

    As a human being, you are still an animal. There is NO higher power to hold you accontable, and nobody should tell you what you can and cannot do. Life is too short, go out there and have fun. Ignore the haters.

  5. Michael

    2:19 am

    How rational is that if homosexuality has a gene, then how does TWO heterosexuals conceive a homosexual gene? Doubt that is possible.
    FACT: Gay used to mean happy, brought forth by heterosexual thinkers. It is the homosexual community that brought different definitions of gay and pride.
    Freedom is not a choice to do anything you chose. Freedom is a privilege to do things morally right.

    • Joel

      10:59 am

      You have no understanding of genetics.

    • -_-

      2:16 am

      2 Co-dominent genes can result in either way of child birth.

  6. Anonymous

    5:50 am

    Calm down, it’s just a sign.

  7. Magic Dick

    3:19 am

    This is the gayest sign ever.

  8. caca

    3:23 am

    Gay sign, why would you rainbow the words on it, gay. A chick couldn’t have done it because they are in the kitchen.

  9. blissful

    12:47 am

    “You’re ignorant God does not exist” ?
    How were humans created? By monkeys? Evolution? Okay then…. who created monkeys? Think about it…such a stupid comment. smh

    • Anonymous

      4:26 am

      Normally I try to stay out of discussions like this, but…..really? In evolution, humans came from monkeys. Monkeys, in turn, came from other mammals. They were not exactly “created” by anything or anyone. Instead they came to be from a series of slow changes, sort of like a natural version of the selective breeding that gives us different breeds of dog.

    • weevl

      4:39 pm

      Open up a textbook, moron.

    • Asdfg

      7:55 pm

      Who created God?

      God was always there.

      Well maybe monkeys were always there as well.

      • I would love to read the monkey bible...

        11:17 pm

        Sadly, monkeys did not invent the written word…so their story is left untold. Quite tragic!

  10. Aylenekay

    4:10 pm

    It’s all science, sorry to say this but, some guy didn’t just magically create the entire world. Get your head out of the clouds, God is a thought, he isn’t real, maybe one day this country won’t be raised to believe in “it”.

  11. ...

    12:58 am

    Every single one of you are ignorant, and the truth is we really know nothing.

  12. britt

    4:13 pm

    I am a Christian. That is, I believe that God created everything; Heaven, Earth, plants, animals, and humanity. Also, I believe in science. Yes, this includes the science we have all been taught since grade school. That is, I believe that God created every atom in our bodies. He created every molecule that knits us together, every proton, neutron and electron that binds and chemical ATP that gives us energy to stay alive. For any Christian to say they do not believe in science is belittling the very nature and intelligence of our Lord. God is a genius. If you ever look at a scale of the smallest molecules in the universe to the very largest masses that we’ve been capable of scaling in our current human stage of intelligence and technology, thus far, we are somewhere in the midst of a massive, extraordinary and mind-boggling abyss of God’s glory. Do you understand that? I mean, look around you. Whether you believe in God or not you can not deny that the earth is magnificent. If you have not come to this realization yet then take a look at the sun rise or set, a rainbow after a storm, or pictures of other parts of the world and I promise, you will be a goner.
    God. Is. GARGANTUAN. (I honestly don’t like that word, “gargantuan” but it’s the best adjective I can think of that describes the hugeness of God)
    He is creative and awe-inspiring. I mean, seriously, look at every animal, insect, sea creature, bird etc. They are all so intricately sculpted; painted with different colors, patterns and textures. HOW can you not look at that and say, “Wow! What creative mind thought of all of this?! AND for them to all work together perfectly in the circle of life, creating the food chain of autotrophs and heterotrophs, completing a perfect system that makes our world go round. Only a brilliant and intelligent brain could think of ALL of that and make it work so seamlessly together.” Oh wait, just kidding…it all started with a big BANG! Two atoms (from who knows where) clashed together and formed these marvelous organisms and we all just happened to “be” on accident. uhh huh…

    Im really don’t want to offend anyone. Im not trying to “shove” my opinions down anyone’s throat. These are just my thoughts and beliefs and I couldn’t help but put them here. I won’t get into the “gay” conversation. But there are a lot of problems with the “church” today. Christians are hypocrites and judgmental, plus more..I’m sorry for the poor example that many of us give off. But there will always be hypocrites in this world. Always. So just step back forget everything you have ever heard of christians and christianity and look SOLELY on God, you’re creator…You will not be disappointed, I promise. God is not a hypocrite.

    • -_-

      2:21 am

      I believe gods exists, however, I will not side with you since your reasoning is flawed.

      The shape, structure, everything about organism is determined by:

      Environment, adaptation, long chains of evolution (in which god takes no part in that).

      bigbang theory would prove the expansion of universe and thus, start of the universe. if we follows that way, even the non-livings just changed automatically.

      ^^ one can always argue god created bigbang phenomenon? but another can always argue otherwise too.

  13. God #14987359286

    12:34 am

    The sign is funny because it’s true. It’s cleverly ironic.

  14. anon

    1:45 pm

    Nobody gives a f**k about this anymore, that bible will probably be just as much mythology as Zeus soon.

  15. Lou

    5:35 am

    Well, if God created everything, who or what created God?

  16. baby

    6:48 am

    I thought aids cured gay people.

  17. Ricki

    9:08 pm

    In today’s world, It does not take two straight people to make a baby, it only takes science. People making the baby don’t even have to meet.

  18. AnUnhappyDeity

    10:27 am

    …I love it when idiots talk about evolution as if they were there to witness it, and bigger idiots shove God down everyone’s throats. We all know absolutely nothing. We will never truly understand the universe simply because our point of view is biologically skewed. Go get some ‘book learnin’ about universal perspective and a certain type of particle. This world is a wondrous place, don’t ruin it with your incessant “my view be right!” bulls**t. None of us care anymore. No-one is impressed. Just enjoy the time you have and f*** what everyone else thinks. There. I found the one f*** I had and used it on this old a** picture. Now I lost it again, so, farewell.