• The Exam Ghost…
  • When I smile at someone…
  • Dear mixtape DJs…
  • I didn’t choose it…
  • Equality
  • When you’re almost 30…
  • A soldier died in Afghanistan and left a note behind for his daughter
  • Hulk is sorry
  • Things we say in school
  • Ryu has been defeated
  • There’s no way you’re going to…damn
  • This is how we all sang Macarena
  1. Anthony

    6:19 am

    I don’t know … Koala Yummies were pretty delicious.

  2. tang

    8:51 am

    Jesus twatloving Christ, I forgot all about that tasty tasty concoction.

  3. Puppy

    8:37 pm

    I still eat them they are awesome!