• Thanks for petting me…
  • My brother made a few amendments to my phone…
  • Stop it goat, you’re drunk…
  • They come to my house each day…
  • Sometimes when you get angry…
  • I just need these…
  • True Winners…
  • Mental Patients
  • Vader Strikes Back
  • Simple Zombie Survival Plan
  • How I feel when I get a day off
  • Finally, some guy in the world did it
  1. YES MAN

    11:11 pm

    This is a real version of Eric Cartman

  2. trololol

    11:59 pm

    this never happens on chat roulette.
    there are just a bunch of random p nises. :(

  3. hĂ­hĂ­

    9:57 am

    Haha this is an awesome kid XD

  4. newgut?kthnx

    11:11 am

    Was in tears, this kids is a pro.