• Sell me a ticket now!
  • Iron Batman
  • Everyday I’m puffelin
  • A Lego employee’s business card
  • Puurrito
  • Just shut up. Here’s all my money…
  • That’s cool, I wasn’t going to sleep tonight anyway
  • How can IE help you?
  • Baked cookie
  • Pokémon eggs
  • This is how we all sang Macarena
  • Oh well… this is awkward

12 September, 2012 in Funny, Pictures | 4 Comments


  1. Joe

    8:38 pm

    This is just a bitter person who probably didn’t get it right off and made himself look like a fool.

  2. Luula

    8:47 pm

    Not CAN’T.

    Oh, wait, that IS now acceptable in the English language.


  3. pognet

    10:54 pm

    As thought gets faster, so does speech. When you make a device that uses numbers, and then you add letters (such as a phone) you get this kind of language. It’s the most likely outcome, seeing how it cuts typing times significantly. I personally dislike it, but I see it as inevitable, and I don’t hate people for using it.

  4. Fresh

    11:08 pm

    What joe said