• One Direction Fans…
  • Oh hell yeah…
  • Yo, Leo…
  • Wiser words were never spoken…
  • Why are babies so ugly when they are born?
  • Oh, stop it…
  • Christianity explained
  • One does not simply kick a sign
  • You know you’re lazy…
  • Keyboard cat, the early years…
  • Just an action scene from an Indian movie
  • That annoying moment

6 October, 2011 in Funny | 3 Comments


  1. omega

    3:24 am

    Alright, wtf.

  2. Anon

    1:24 pm

    0_o I’m white, I’m not on facebook, and I hate apple products. I say this owning an iPod: the damn thing breaks every second time it updates itself and itunes is one of the worst programs ever created. So I didn’t give a crap when Jobs died. In fact, I’m more annoyed by it than anything, because no one will SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

    • Big Matt

      9:36 pm

      Someone doesn’t get funny stereo types! All Black People love them some grape drank!