• Your Birthday: Then and Now
  • Yo mama’s so fat…
  • That’s not how I remembered that scene happening…
  • Being politically correct…
  • Maybe you should give me a call…
  • I’m in your zoo, messing with your otters!
  • Why naming your daughter is so hard…
  • How you know you are in New Jersey
  • Best friends till the end
  • Just Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel in 1994
  • Every single leather chair
  • The only reason to wait

29 June, 2012 in Design | 2 Comments


  1. Angela

    4:49 am

    That doesn’t seem like a good idea :|

  2. Stratocaster

    7:16 am

    You can dribble inside the line until you get closer to the rim.