• Meanwhile Collection…
  • Stop it rainbow…
  • Welcome to the jungle…
  • Misteaks were made…
  • Another piece of my childhood damaged
  • Please sir…
  • A Big Hug
  • I still have hope
  • “Please continue, I’m listening…”
  • Look at the center of the picture and it will disappear
  • My dearest prayer
  • That awesome moment

6 September, 2011 in Funny | 4 Comments


  1. AAA

    8:54 pm

    False… go watch National Treasure.

  2. squrl

    2:17 am

    Except, 300, he didn’t die.

    • lizzy

      1:43 am

      Sean bean wasn’t in 300. Perhaps you’re thinking of David Wenham, both him and Sean Bean were in Lord of the Rings and they played brothers, so…

  3. Deki

    10:09 am

    He played Christopher Da Silva in Silent Hill (2006) and he survived till the end of story. *CMIIW