• Lord of the Rings meeting…
  • The sound waves of the moment they said ‘I do’
  • The Japanese way…
  • Every time I look at a math equation…
  • Not an athletic breed
  • Ain’t giving ‘em…
  • After I click “I agree to the terms and conditions…”
  • If I fits, I sits
  • Smell this
  • Hmmm, it’s a little salty…
  • The Cains
  • Cosplay….You’re doing it right
  1. rob

    8:35 pm

    25 years later and the mom is still doable lol.

  2. anonymous

    2:59 am

    That camera must have had a fast shutter speed. Michael J. Fox doesn’t look like he’s moving at all.

  3. Big Matt

    4:28 am

    Oh! Because he has parkinsons! I see what you did there!