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22 April, 2011 in Funny, Pictures | 9 Comments


  1. anonymous

    5:47 pm

    Because when your beliefs are so poorly constructed you feel insecure, you resort to misrepresenting the beliefs of others…

  2. rmring93

    5:54 pm

    That is not even close to what atheism is. You need to understand the actual scientific findings that support what we know about how our universe was formed. There is no “nothing” and all of the stuff that happened for “no reason” is explained by the natural laws of physics. Scientific reasons. Now, creationism is what doesn’t make sense. You believe that there was god. There was no reason that there is a god there. He just is there. Because. For no reason. And then one day, this pointless god said “hey, I’m bored. I’ll make some s**t.” And then he made everything, and f**ked everything he made up (and still continues to do so), apparently for s**ts and giggles. Makes perfect sense.

  3. Really?

    5:57 pm

    This is just dumb… do you even understand science?

  4. Atheist

    5:58 pm

    That is not at all truth. And once again idiotic religious nut is twisting the truth how it suits him. Just shut up, and accept, nobody cares. I hope once you will embrace science instead of bulls**t. Also read more about the big bang theory etc, before you bash it. Your infoormation is more than just outdated, but what can you expect from ignorant creatonist.

  5. Brant

    5:58 pm

    If that’s how simple you think the beginning of the universe was, then of yours you would need to invent a god who made everything.

  6. Caroline

    6:13 pm

    Guys, you’re taking it too seriously, it’s just for fun. There was a similar post a while ago about religion: http://themetapicture.com/christianity-summed-up/

  7. Claudia

    6:31 pm

    This is not what atheism is about AT ALL, dear creationists. And anyway, even if it was, what about your “god”? Where does it come from? Don’t invent things just because you can’t explain your own beliefs… atheist believe in SCIENCE.

  8. Claudia

    6:34 pm

    And if we make jokes about christians, it’s because they don’t stop annoying the world trying to “convince” them to believe in their god. If you believe, do it, but don’t care so much about what others think. What is that going to bring you? To believe or not, is just a matter of one-self. Stop annoying the world and the world will stop making fun of you. Just that simple.

  9. David

    6:35 pm

    It’s things like this that, in particular, need to be taken seriously. It’s the way out of the hole superstitious belief has dug our race into.