• I assume this is encouraging…
  • There’s always that guy…
  • Willem Dafoe’s cat
  • Up high!
  • My lucky day…
  • Asians strike again…
  • The right guy
  • Super Mario Boos Mind Blowing Fact
  • Follow the rules…
  • Caught in the act
  • Girls can surf!
  • Definitely NOT shopped
  1. Anon

    1:39 pm

    Fake and gay. This is a stadium.

  2. Mee

    8:46 pm

    Are you saying you never get chinese people in a stadium?

  3. Anonymous

    7:07 pm

    The actual image is fake, but the concept it true. It’s a ‘shopped version of this image. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jozjozjoz/3529106844/