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16 May, 2012 in Science | 7 Comments


  1. Locutus

    7:15 pm

    It really depends on how short-sighted you are. I have 20/35 vision and I see Einstein clear as day.

  2. Bilbuz

    5:50 pm

    All I had to do was take off my glasses, haha.

  3. SpockChick13

    4:06 am

    As soon as I took off my glasses, it was Marilyn.

  4. anonymous

    3:54 am

    I see einstein but when i squint my eyes i see marilyn for a sec.

  5. yosh

    10:27 am

    really walk away from your computer, and look back across the room…it really does look like Marilyn

    • Kate

      3:02 am

      Pretty much anything can look like Marilyn Monroe in a small picture on a computer screen from across the room.

  6. Mayhaps A Hero

    8:15 pm

    Dude. I saw them both. Like. As soon as I actually looked at it. Looked at it before I read the text. Does this make me a superhero with epic eyesight abilities?