• To Glory!
  • The Cat Lord
  • He tried to tell us…
  • And this is you…
  • Troll dad delivers…
  • How dogs and cats think
  • Sometimes I look at some people…
  • Let me tell you a story…
  • Edward isn’t a vampire
  • Remember, we’re the good guys
  • Where… am I? Whoa…what is this?
  • HowDoYouDoKen
  1. Charlie

    2:08 am

    Nikki we understand you are trying to be like Lady Gaga. I don’t agree with how Lady Gaga dresses but at least she is original. YOU ARE DUMB AND YOU DON’T DESERVE ATTENTION.

  2. Anne Oakley

    2:11 am

    Remember when clothes….were normal? And the only purpose was to cover your body? I do. Good times.