• Troll Grandparents…
  • Americans welcome the aliens…
  • Dear God…
  • Watt is love?
  • Archaeologists uncover a strange artifact
  • The sad moment…
  • Very bad idea
  • Every time someone references a meme in real life
  • It’s time to change
  • Toaster Strudel Dilemma
  • When I use ‘etc.’
  • Don’t mind me, just building my house
  1. Jesse

    12:58 am

    Stuff like this makes me sad.

  2. Savi

    11:36 am

    Dude, it was probably a troll who said that.

  3. anon

    12:12 am

    Kids born in the 90s are allowed to vote… I’m not so sure about that…