• Deep thoughts about life…
  • Surfing the web when I have a major assignment due the next morning
  • The story of a man and his bear
  • I’m wearing a jacket because…
  • Wise advice
  • I don’t think so, Parker…
  • It’s just a wooden table…oh god!
  • Cuddling kitten
  • Grandmothers…
  • Bonsai Kitten
  • That’s cold, Globe and Mail. That’s cold.
  • Just some guy taking a piss
  1. Jesse

    12:58 am

    Stuff like this makes me sad.

  2. Savi

    11:36 am

    Dude, it was probably a troll who said that.

  3. anon

    12:12 am

    Kids born in the 90s are allowed to vote… I’m not so sure about that…