• Rick Grimes through the seasons
  • The entrance of a bookstore…
  • Fashion these days…
  • And the dad of the year award goes to…
  • Meanwhile on Google Maps…
  • Coolness through the years
  • A seagull on the glass roof
  • Cookie Monster cake
  • Hey girls…
  • I know you’re listening
  • Give a man a gun…
  • So this is how a slinky falls
  1. Anonymous

    4:16 pm

    He’s not angry, he’s focused :D

  2. its

    10:23 pm

    wtf?! Why would they do that?!

  3. Unindoctrinated

    11:05 am

    Apparently Americans find cheery characters disturbing and/or unrealistic. I’m sorry I don’t have the source but I read that somewhere once.