• Simple things can be so difficult…
  • Sneaky Bar Sign…
  • Times Square Before and After…
  • Meet Ken M, One Of The Internet’s Greatest Trolls…
  • This onion won’t make me cry
  • Meanwhile on Google Maps…
  • See, girls?
  • OK, I’m ready
  • Sweet banana dreams
  • My mornings will never be the same
  • Is mine!
  • Permanent top hat-cat
  1. Anonymous

    4:16 pm

    He’s not angry, he’s focused :D

  2. its

    10:23 pm

    wtf?! Why would they do that?!

  3. Unindoctrinated

    11:05 am

    Apparently Americans find cheery characters disturbing and/or unrealistic. I’m sorry I don’t have the source but I read that somewhere once.