• Some things are too weird to be true…
  • Only in Japan…
  • Going for a burger…
  • Yo, Leo…
  • It’s only fair…
  • So…
  • I didn’t want to sleep anyway…
  • Old silk ties wrapped around eggs and boiled for 15 minutes
  • Today’s kids
  • Oh, please…
  • Cute & original
  • She wanted an A+ hotel, so I gave her…

10 October, 2011 in People, What is this? | 6 Comments


  1. Taney

    9:44 pm

    Guarantee you whoever that is does not look that good in real life. Technology has the power to make anyone look flawless.

  2. Mary

    7:04 pm

    Yeah, her boobs aren’t that big, and she doesn’t even look that good in the show. Photoshop is her friend.

  3. whatchu want to know dat for fool

    11:32 am

    Loads of photoshop.

  4. anonymous

    6:46 am

    So…what’s her name???

  5. Jesse

    7:21 am

    So eerily similar to a cigarette ad

  6. zeb

    12:46 pm

    Mary Louise Parker.