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  1. Anon

    5:43 pm


  2. Anon

    7:39 pm

    Funny joke – girl have to work just as hard, if not harder.

  3. Anon

    9:03 pm

    Exact opposite!

  4. Anon

    8:04 pm

    Quite the opposite, actually.

  5. crackle

    8:10 am

    lol, yeah almost true..

    women spend about at least 2-3 hours every day, pimping and preening themselves.

    funny thing is, all that makeup and stuff, ruins their looks way before 30.
    and by the time they are 40 they need a special effects team to look anything more than vaguely presentable.

  6. crackle

    8:13 am

    And I’m pretty darn sure it’s the makeup.

    All women I’ve seen that never or sparingly used makeup, look much younger than their counterparts (pancake girls)
    It’s kinda like , choosing 5 years of extreme beauty (untill you get close enough to see and smell the makeup) over less beauty over a longer time.

    Because after those 5 years, you are going to look like a dog without makeup.
    And at least for a year if you quit (as long as you haven’t done it for more than a decade, then it might take 3-4 years with some ill repairable damage)

  7. annette

    4:50 am

    OMG that is like SOOOO true! lol.

  8. Kate

    2:08 am

    Even if I died of starvation, I would never look like that picture.
    Really the answer is “If you were blessed with nice genetics and not the skeleton of a hippo, don’t eat like one.”

  9. Amanda

    10:07 am

    What a bunch of s**t! They didn’t mention makeup or shaving. What annoyed me was the ‘eat like a hippo’ line. I eat 1 freaking meal a day and I’m not even close to that girl in the picture. Men burn fat and build muscle way quicker than women. Women are biologically meant to store fat easier. This was obviously put together by a clueless prick. Not all women want a bodybuilder for a boyfriend. Men should shut the f**k up and accept the fact they have it easier.

    • Harder

      1:34 pm

      Easier? All women (whether they admit it or not) *only* want the type of man on the right side, as far as physical attraction goes. That’s it. There are no ifs and buts.

      Men on the other hand will accept all kinds of women: Chubby, skinny, curvy, average, tall, short, broad, thin etc.

      All those female body types are acquired naturally, or by eating more/less. Whereas the *only* desirable male figure is obtained by rigorous work, diet and years of determination.
      Anything else, and the male is ridiculed unless he is rich or famous.

      Who has it easier now?

  10. Honest

    12:55 pm

    True of the Day !
    99.9 % women eat to much or wrong food. They have no Willpower at all.
    That’s why they are Fat……