• Stephen Colbert to Neil Patrick Harris…
  • Grandpa doesn’t care…
  • The only sure way to check your Internet connection…
  • The Mona Diesel
  • Thirsty Koala
  • Either the best or worst toilet paper of all time
  • Day and night at the same time
  • Pepsi
  • Not a morning dog…
  • Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne posing for Life magazine in 1987
  • Not enough time
  • Why couldn’t I have been shown this in maths class?

9 October, 2011 in Funny | 2 Comments


  1. anon

    12:49 am

    Haha I’m a girl and I’ve done this.

  2. threeoutside

    5:20 pm

    What makes you think girls haven’t, too?