• Cody the Dog…
  • Pulp Fiction Transformation…
  • The perfect solution for a boring class
  • Studying for exams…
  • Reasons I write something down in class
  • Cat interrupts awkward dance
  • Pfft, like I care
  • Incredible street artwork found in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Did it hurt?
  • Excuse me sir, have you seen my glasses?
  • …Yes
  • See the turtle of enormous girth…
  1. Warruuna

    4:23 pm

    Though, you’re forgetting that Genie has “THE ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER!” so even if he was stuck inside of the lamp, he can still use his powers to tell what the future holds and has imprinted himself with the genius minds of comedy.

  2. Intelligent

    6:47 am

    Robin Williams transcends space and time, and being that he IS Genie, I’m sure that his captivity in the lamp only affected the physical manifestation of his all powerful being.

  3. Falloutdude

    7:02 am

    Thank you for ruining the post Apocalyptic awesomeness.