• Wait…wait…
  • Fresh Prince Of 2012…
  • I’d rather die…
  • They will surely understand…
  • My entire goal in life…
  • Hello…? Mom? Is there someone in there? I’m hungry!
  • The Little Rascals cast, then and now
  • When did this become hotter than this?
  • Sammi from Jersey Shore without makeup & hair extensions
  • Me before any given job interview
  • Based on a true story
  • Giant Octopus Cake
  1. Warruuna

    4:23 pm

    Though, you’re forgetting that Genie has “THE ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER!” so even if he was stuck inside of the lamp, he can still use his powers to tell what the future holds and has imprinted himself with the genius minds of comedy.

  2. Intelligent

    6:47 am

    Robin Williams transcends space and time, and being that he IS Genie, I’m sure that his captivity in the lamp only affected the physical manifestation of his all powerful being.

  3. Falloutdude

    7:02 am

    Thank you for ruining the post Apocalyptic awesomeness.