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  1. Anon

    6:38 am

    What exactly made Ms Monroe a “real lady”?

  2. HollywoodHipster

    11:44 pm

    Fail. Monroe may have quoted this from Edith Head a fashion and costume designer for 1950s hollywood, but she didn’t come up with it herself.

  3. Laughing Panda

    2:49 am

    ^ My thoughts exactly…

  4. boo

    3:48 am

    Lifestyle. Something most people nowadays can only dream about.

  5. Carla

    8:01 am

    Yes. She was a real lady alright – boozing and taking so many drugs she could barely stand on set some days. We should all aspire to be like her. What we should actually do is stop glorifying people in death – just because she lived a long time ago it doesn’t make her any more a lady than Paris Hilton. It just means she lived in an era when it was inappropriate to wear dresses that were too tight and too short.

  6. Big Matt

    9:09 am

    Serious lazy eye going on in this picture..