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22 June, 2011 in Music | 17 Comments


  1. Nik Ruege

    6:36 pm

    Or like that loser Britney Querrs! She should give it up already. You go Adele!

  2. Kkarra

    4:31 am

    It’s not then nicole richie it’s THAN nicole richie. people should seriously pay attention on their grammar (if they know what that word means.)

  3. Melissa Buchmann

    2:51 am

    I love adele!

    And by the way it’s “people should seriously pay attention TO their grammar.”

  4. Anonymous

    12:06 am

    Sounds like using music as an excuse for being too lazy to work out to me…

  5. anonymous

    1:57 am

    She is making it seem like people who try to stay fit or thin are shallow. Which is the kind of attitude everyone should avoid….. It goes BOTH ways….

    • bobbiraptor

      11:53 pm

      I remember seeing this… it was a response to a question about whether she worried about her weight. This is taken out of context and it DOES make trying to stay thin is shallow – which as a life goal it is. Being fit is something different. And for someone so passionate about music, being thin or even fit SHOULDN’T be the life goal – making good music should be :) and most people in her line of work aren’t concerned about being fit or healthy – they’re concerned about getting THIN which is totally different, and in most cases in the media business, the complete opposite. :)

  6. Bree

    9:54 pm


    First of all Kkarra, perhaps whomever typed the text on the photo misspelled. Oh and by the way, if you are going to talk about grammar then maybe you should pay attention to your sentence structure and capitalize your proper nouns.

    “Anonymous” – You’re a tool.

    “anonymous” – That may be how you perceive it but, I’m thinking she meant it more in a “I like the way I am and I’m not going to lose 20 lbs just to look like a stereotypical pop star” kind of way.

    There, now that I’ve gotten that out… I love Adele and I find her to be absolutely beautiful :)

  7. fuzzyjay

    4:57 pm

    She looks stunning the way she is, except for the cigarette.

  8. tenacee

    10:20 pm

    How can someone with such a wonderful voice endanger it with cigarettes?

    • Madisol

      10:23 pm

      If you haven’t already noticed, she has a raspy voice now. Even though she is still a good singer.

  9. Unknown

    8:41 pm

    I agree, you go Adele!

  10. Ann Onymous

    8:10 pm

    Love you girl! ;)

  11. Shepard

    1:48 am

    Too bad she’s HUMONGOUS!

  12. colorbl1nd

    7:10 am

    Haha, fatty. She’s in denial.

  13. omega

    6:28 am

    Bree, you sound like a brat and a smartass. Better watch it.

  14. Henri

    3:57 am

    Whatever she wants to be, her performance is amazing. To be skinny or big booty singer, I don’t give a s***. I love the way she is. She’s cute already even she has a huge body like that.