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11 July, 2011 in Cute | 1 Comment


  1. Line

    4:23 pm

    Love was lazy. She knew the island was sinking and did nothing about it. While others worked hard to build boats to help them survive, she did f**k all… then she begs everyone to let her on their boat? After all the blood sweat and tears they put into their boats/ships in order to survive? If she didn’t know how to build a boat herself, she could have helped one of them build their boat (which surely would have secured her passage to safety). They did the right thing (told her to f**k off). She should have been left to sink with the island.

    Nice story, but in order to get to the message of the story you made the situation completely the fault of the main character. Maybe next time make her out to be a victim of others’ cruelty. Make her deserve to survive.