• My neighborhood gets pretty weird during Halloween…
  • Apples’ new emoticons…
  • This is how you rock…
  • Hell Yeah…
  • Thank you, Slender Man…
  • That’s all I’m asking…
  • How Dubstep is created
  • Something to think about
  • Religious people
  • Right in the middle of a great song
  • Building an enormous church out of Lego
  • Ok, you can take the picture now

10 November, 2012 in Funny Quotes | 3 Comments


  1. Bernard

    2:12 pm

    Pfft… a B maybe…

  2. lolno

    9:47 pm

    What? No. A smart kid is a kid who doesn’t study and still gets As. Getting Cs doesn’t make you smart (not that getting As does, but being able to retain info without studying does). Lol don’t let this comfort you.

  3. Shaun

    7:58 pm

    A “C” is just average.