• When someone admits I’m right…
  • Is it an instrument?
  • And just like that, Earth’s population was wiped out…
  • Come outside!
  • Ladies first
  • Don’t even go there…
  • Always invite the hero of time…
  • Well, it’s simple…
  • Just Mr. Spielberg chilling on set
  • Awaiting takeoff in the plane that will bring them home…
  • It was a short fight
  • Jesus, slow down!

10 November, 2012 in Funny Quotes | 3 Comments


  1. Bernard

    2:12 pm

    Pfft… a B maybe…

  2. lolno

    9:47 pm

    What? No. A smart kid is a kid who doesn’t study and still gets As. Getting Cs doesn’t make you smart (not that getting As does, but being able to retain info without studying does). Lol don’t let this comfort you.

  3. Shaun

    7:58 pm

    A “C” is just average.